Air Control Panels

New Signature Series Panel

Air control panels just got premier and more functional.

American Airworks' Signature Series air control panels include hand-crafted construction, stainless steel tubing throughout, customized configurations to fit specific requirements, features abrasive etching and color component labeling, etched flow-directional striping and etched color warnings labels. The air control panel meets the NFPA 1901 standard for mobile emergency vehicles, both trucks and trailers


Stock Air Control Panels

This is our stock four cascade cylinder stainless steel panel. Just as with all our panels, it comes with flow-directional pin stripping, four upper cylinder gauges and on/off panel valves control air flow from each air storage cylinder, a 4" Dia. accurate SCBA fill gauge, precise pressure reducing regulator and two fill hose outlets are provided on the bottom. Fill hoses are priced separately. This unit is available in a vertical configuration with the same components.

Air Refilling Panel Benefits

With an air control panel, you control the pressure and volume of the breathing air you're sending to your SCBA air cylinders. An air control panel increases refilling efficiency. The adjustable regulator reduces the chances of overfilling your cylinders and the possibility of a dangerous cylinder rupture.


Air Refill Panels With Lights

Seeing the panel gauges at night can be a problem. Choosing our bright, well designed and functional light panel option can turn night into day!

Additional low pressure regulators and outlet gauges can be added to provide LP air to air bags, rescue tools, confined space breathing air applications.


Quality Craftmanship

Our air cascade control panels are handcrafted one at a time and held to the highest standards in parts and construction.

Craftmanship in construction and assembly, stainless steel tubing, high quality liquid filled Wika gauges, dependable pressure regulators, and user-friendly directional air flow markers ensures the quality and ease of use of our air control panels.

Our design department is available to help in the component layout or make suggestions as to how to get the most utility from your panel. We're here to please you!