Mobile Systems


Mobile Air Trailers 

A Mobile air trailer allows you to refill SCBA air cylinders at the scene. This is a 7' x 12' enclosed dual axle trailer. It is lightweight and a very portable mobile air system. It can be fitted with 4500, 5000 or 6000 PSI DOT/ISO cylinders.

This method of filling at the scene is very convenient for fire departments, NBC - Hazmat response teams, confined space ops and SCUBA shops who have a need to refill SCBA cylinders at a large incident or as a service to departments that do not have refilling capabilities.

High pressure or low pressure breathing air hose reels can be mounted in trailer for remote SAR or refilling applications. A Boombox class II containment fill station can be installed for a greater measure of operator protection during the refilling operation.

Mobile air trailers offer a great advertising platform for commercial applications.

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Mobile Air Cart

Mobile air carts are great for the industrail plant that needs to refill SCBA cylinders or serve as a supplied air system for confined space on location.

Using the "cascade" method of refilling cylinders, this 4500 PSI model cart can refill approximately 38 half hour 2216 PSI cylinders, from 500 PSI to 2216 PSI. Our 6000 model cart will provide approximately 48 refills to 2216 PSI and 32 refills to 4500 PSI. This applies to 30 minute SCBA cylinders, with 25% of residual air remaining.
Air control panel can be modified to customer's specifications. Cart has powder coated steel frame with pneumatic tires. Cart is provided with a removeable push handle. Can also be transported with a fork truck.

A Haskel booster can be used with this mobile application to refill additional 4500 PSI SCBA cylinders from either 4500 PSI or 6000 PSI DOT storage cylinders.

High pressure or low pressure breathing air hose reels can be mounted on cart for remote SAR use or SCBA refilling.